Student Visa Information

If you are planning to travel to Ireland from outside the Eu you may require a visa. This
may also depend on your countries regulations regarding study and foreign travel.
See below more information regarding non EU student.

Tourist Visa
These are usually granted for 3 months.

Working Holiday Visa
Japan, the Republic of Korea,Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, New Zealand (and
Taiwan/ROC from 1st January 2013).

Non European Students - No Visa Requirement
There are some non European countries that are allow travel to Ireland with out an Irish
visa, full list of except countries here. English Language Centre Ireland will issuse the
student with a " Letter of Acceptance" clearly stating that the student is enrolled with
our school, this may need to be presented to arrival.

Non European Students- Require Visa
If your country is not on the except list above, they you will require a visa to entry
All other non European countries that are not on the above link, will require a visa for
entry into Ireland.
A complete list of Irish Consulates and Embassies for these countries can be found here.

Requirements for Visa Application
For more information regarding requirement and documentation needed for your visa
application can be found here.

Medical Insurance
Medical insurane must be booked in advance of Travling. English Language Centre
Ireland can arrange this for students from non EU countries through
international Insurance. Policy information regarding what it covers can be found here.
Employment while in Ireland on a Student Visa
Citizens from countries outside the EU/EEA (that is, the 25 EU member states and
Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) who are registered as full-time students with the
Garda National Immigration Bureau are permitted to work part-time in Ireland (up to a
maximum of 20 hours a week and full-time during vacation periods) to support

Renewal of Student Visas
Students who are not on full-time courses of at least a year leading to a recognised
qualification will only be allowed to extend their study visas when the total period of
permissions granted (and requested) is no longer than 18 months in total.

Extending a Student Visa
The local immigration officer in your area can advise you on any application forms you
will need to complete to extend your student visa.

For more information check out the Citizens Information and Irish Naturalisation and
Immigration Services.

Unsuccessful Visa Application
All fees that are paid in advance of a visa are lodged to visa account, these fees can not
be drawn down until the student has been grant a visa. Should the student be refused a
visa, they would recieve a full refund less administration fee of €130.

Enrolled Learner Protecion
All full time students studying over 3 months will be covered by Enrolled Learner
Protection. This cover will insure that in the very unlikely situation of the closure of
English Language Centre Ireland, the student would recieve a refund on tuition fees.
English Language Centre Ireland