Classes are designed to focus on the areas of the exams that students need most
practice in, based on the extensive experience of our teachers. For more information
please contact us

Individual Tuition (Beginners - Advanced)
Individual tuition is available to supplement general courses. The syllabus is set by
the student, in negotiation with the teacher, who will design a course to match the
particular needs of each individual student. The focus is on communicative ability in
the student’s area of work or study, for example, banking, marketing, exam
preparation, etc.

All classes are General English classes
with exam preparation (FCE, CAE, IELTS)
is also included in these classes. Classes
cover all 4 main skills (Speaking,
Listening, Reading, Writing) as well as
pronunciation practice, grammar and
vocabulary development. The principal
focus, however, is on developing Practical
Communication Skills. Many students
have a good grasp of the ‘theory’ but lack
practice and confidence in using English
to communicate. Our classes are focused
on providing students with ‘real life’
situations and materials so that they
develop these skills. A wide variety of fun
and useful activities and materials are
used such as role plays, debates,
authentic materials, etc.
"The class content is very good, because we are practising every part for the FCE.
(Speaking, reading, listening and use of english)"
General English
Intermediate (B1) - Advanced (C1)
The General English course is 15 hours per week and is designed to improve the
students’ understanding of the English language system and performance in the four
skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students may begin at any time on
a continuous enrolment system. Levels from Intermediate to Advanced are catered for
throughout the year. By the end of the course students will see an overall
improvement in their standard of English and improved confidence in their language
Exam Preparation Individual Tuition or Group
Expert, highly experienced teachers can prepare students for IELTS, FCE and CAE.
Exam preparation classes are by request. Students may take exam preparation on an
individual or group basis.
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