Admissions for Eu Students
Step 1:
Student completes our online student application form, providing information relating to
their stay (Host family/Airport Transport/Duration of stay)

Step 2:
The Student is then emailed with a qoute for the course with any extras they may
require (Host family/Airport Transport/insurance)

Step 3:
Then they will be asked to take our online placement, so we can assess their current
level of English and to ensure we have a suitable level available.

Step 4:
The Placement Test evaluates the student’s ability through:
a) A Multiple-Choice Grammar and Vocabulary Test
b) A Reading Comprehension Test
c) A Written Expression Testa)
d)   An Oral Assessment ( this maybe done via a skype interview or on the first day
induction, depending on a student's online placement results.)
The student’s overall ability in active and passive command of functions and vocabulary is
assessed through these four elements and their overall level is determined in
consultation with the student.

Step 5:
Students must complete a student accommodation form, if they wish to stay with a host
family, this form is emailed to the student along with their placement test results.

Airport collection can be arranged, students must send their flight details no less than
10 days before their arrival.

For more information or help, please don't hesitate to contact us.
English Language Centre Ireland